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Too many prefer gentle lies to hard truth

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

The headline of this post is a quote from Shane Parish who I believe was a cyber security expert at Canada’s top intelligence agency and an occasional blogger. It is very relevant to the situation I'm finding myself in. I am beginning to notice that people in my immediate social vicinity are bothered by my political opinions and activism. I was just excluded from my labour union and portions of my family are turning their backs against me. Recently my wife was just told by a close friend of hers that; it has come to the point where she does not want herself or her kids to be around me.

She says we are lucky to live in a democracy where opinions and values are welcomed. Unfortunately, she has become very aware of the kind of political opinions that I have, and for her that goes against everything she values, think and hope for in a world that is facing so many terrible challenges at the moment

Free speech and democracy

What I can say to that is that I don’t think she really values democracy where different values and opinions are welcomed. Because she does not accept that I have my opinions. A famous quote goes: «I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.»

This is what democracy and freedom of speech is all about and it’s not as if I’ve been using hateful racial slurs. I never promoted violence, quite the opposite. I’m not promoting the holocaust or genocide. She finds it sad and unbelievable that I have turned to such extreme ideas. What ideas are those? Well, I don't think president Trump is as bad as what mainstream media portrays him as. I question the climate change hysteria. I oppose PC- culture and simply don’t believe in multiculturalism. I happen to believe – and can point to history – that bringing in multiculture is detrimental to our society and nation. I’m pro- brexit and I want us to revert to a healthy nationalism. Is this really extreme? I happen to think the opposite is extreme, but accept that my so- called liberal friends harbour those extreme ideas.

I'm open about all this on Facebook, where I post news articles and comments. Everyone are free and welcome to engage with me in debates. The ones who have engaged with me will find debating challenging and maybe that very fact explains why most people choose not to.


I have a son who is in the process of doing his first holy communion (yes, I’m married to a catholic) and he has at the young age of eight first time felt what it is like to feel alienated. Why, you might ask. Because there are by and large almost exclusively polish people in that congregation. His gut reaction is to hate polish people. Since I have become such a «racist» you might think that I would proceed to fan those flames of hatred. No, I happen to believe, as the filthy nationalist I am, that hatred is not the answer and I try to guide and explain to my son the right reaction to the situation he is in. Because his sense of alienation is real enough. It is not a nice thing to experience, especially since this is happening in his own country. But the fault does not lie with the polish, it lies with us and our political elite allowing mass migration to happen.

I do believe that culture has an ethnic component, how important that component is I’m unsure of, but I believe it plays at least some role. I want remigration, but I don’t see the need to remigrate everyone who has come to stay in my country. As the situation is now I believe that the vast majority may well stay and I think there is a good chance we will be able to iron things out in the future. But I was always clear that I am not willing to turn to violence in order to achieve this political goal. This struggle must be won peacefully and democratically.


She says she has put alot of thought into this and that’s interesting because she never once raised the issue with me. God knows she’s had many opportunities to do so and I see no reason why she shouldn’t. Am I that unapproachable? Or does she realize that she wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on if she engaged with me in a debate on this? I lean towards her being of the type who is not comfortable with confrontations.

I must say I’m a little bit disappointed, because it’s not as if I joined the KKK or anything like that. She should know me well enough to approach me and ask me what is going on. And if she finds it unbelievable that I have turned to such ideas, would it not stir just a little bit of curiousity? I would challenge her on that and maybe it would broaden her horizons just a little?

She is among the many who are not directly affected by the ongoing radical demographic change we are currently witnessing. Me, my wife and our kids lived in one of those diversified areas and got out before it got unlivable there. This woman, as lovely as she is (because she really is, I’m not just saying it), is a hypocrite. It’s all «multiculturalism is great, but I live well away from it.»

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