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The Future of the Union

Updated: Feb 9

When Donald Trump won the election back in 2016 I had supported his campaign. He was the first Republican president I ever supported. Because he was hated by almost everyone (at least that’s what we were led to believe) I could sense that he was different. When people in power hate you with that kind of passion, you must be doing something right.

I won’t deny that I had my doubts about him though. Trump is certainly a boaster, probably even a narcissist and I’m not a particular fan of that kind of nonsense. But fair enough, nobody is perfect. I was won over by the sheer craziness of his campaign. No matter what crazy thing Trump uttered or whatever his opponents dug up from his past, he topped the polls. It was a big "F- YOU" to the establishment and I loved every bit of it.

Trump did well but it was destined to fail

Trump's presidency exceeded anything I expected. He unfortunately didn't finish the wall, but he ended the wars as he promised. He exposed the fake news media. He brought the industry back and jobs by the truck loads, for black people and white. First pay rise in 30 years. Because of Trump America is now the biggest producer of oil. Violent crime dropped every year during his presidency, too bad Democrat politicians are too eager letting violent criminals out on the streets. He turned his back to TTIP, the Paris agreement and WHO and last but not least, he called the bluff on the Covid- 19 hysteria - all good stuff!

Trump did what a civic nationalist should do, and strove to include all groups in America, providing them as best he could with equal opportunities. Not leaving anyone out. He wasn't, as many of his opponents claim, the president only for white people. For that reason he was popular among whites, blacks and latinos. But in an ethnically and culturally diverse country, no matter what you do, there will always be people feeling left out.

For that reason I am not a civic nationalist, and in that sense Trump is not my man. America is too divided ethnically, culturally and therefore politically. And this is why I don't believe in the future of the American Union. Ethnic and cultural diversity is a certain destabilizer of any nation and I believe that what we are witnessing now is the beginning of an unravelling of the American union. It was inevitable, and as much as I would love to see Trump in charge of another period (I love liberal tears), let’s face it; another 4 years of Trump would probably only prolong the misery and delay the inevitable.

It’s going to be ugly and not just for the States, it will ramp up in Europe too. May God help us through these difficult times.

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