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Updated: Sep 24, 2018

So I decided to start a blog called «Alt- right Buddha». Initially it was going to be called The Alt- right Dalai Lama, but I thought that would perhaps get me into trouble. As if I won’t already, but at least I landed on a bit more of a neutral title. English is not my first language so this blog will mostly be written in Norwegian. But I do find it fun and challenging sometimes to write in English.

Because of my background of being interested in religion, philosophy and spirituality, and not as much in politics, I was looking for an angle to my new found interest in the alt-right movement. I was worried for a time that the two were incompatible. But I quickly found out that was not the case. Wanting to explore the spiritual and philosophical sides to this matter I found that alt-right Buddha would be a fitting title.

Another obvious inspiration for the title was Dalai Lamas recent visit to Sweden where he was presented with a string of leading questions by Kattis Ahlström, a famous swedish television presenter. It was obvious that she wanted a quote that would be damning to rising political parties like The Sweden Democrats or Alternative For Sweden.

To my amusement he didn’t comply, quite the opposite. In short he said that refugees should ultimately go home and rebuild their countries and that Europe is for the Europeans.

When Kattis Ahlström didn’t get the answers she wanted she pushed the issue even further pointing out that some argue (unfairly) that it is too expensive to take in refugees and that sweden doesn’t have the economy for it. Dalai Lama laughingly answered that altruism can sometimes take you far but not further than what is practical.

Dalai Lama is very clear, and as a part of the alt- right I would agree with him, we should help refugees. I also agree with him that ultimately, refugees should go back and rebuild their own country. Furthermore Dalai Lama points out that one should differentiate between economic migrants and real refugees. Everybody expected to hear something in the lines of supporting the establishment view on this issue, but he couldn’t have shown more clearly that he is our man.

The point of this blog is multifaceted. Personally it would be good to vent some frustrations that arise from being presented on a daily basis with political correct bullshit from the media and the political establishment. But also to show that normal, non- hateful people largely agree with the alt-right.

I suppose that I can’t speak for the whole alt- right movement, because I reckon my perspective, perhaps would differ somewhat from say, the likes of Richard Spencer. But I want to show that, by and large, our point of view is the norm. It is the common sense. It really isn’t as controversial as many would have it, and out of nowhere, Dalai Lama emerged as the symbol of that very fact.

Leftists would say that I am normalising hatred, but the real haters are fringe. Again, what I normalise is common sense.

There are many misconceptions about people on the far right. Believe me, I used to harbour alot of them, so I am convinced this «normalisation» may be decisive for the movement and the survival of the western world. For too long we have been indoctrinated into believing that gender is a social construct, that white people and their culture is inately suppressive and that we have no right to promote or be proud of our own culture and ethnisity.

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